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Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe | Dairy-free Vegetable Dip (1)

Today I’m sharing with you a fabulous Allergy-friendly Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe.

As you probably know if you’ve been around my blog for some time, my son has life-threatening allergies to dairy and egg (amidst other allergies). So I’ve had to alter our diets to include dairy and egg-free alternatives to staples – things like Homemade Almond Milk, Easiest Coconut Milk, and Powdered Egg Replacer.

But mayonnaise has been a hard one to replace.

Until now :).

Why Make this Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe?

With this fabulous vegan mayonnaise recipe, you really gettwo recipes for the price of one! And since this blog is free, then you really do get a bargain, eh?

Whether you:

  • want to stay away from the chemicals in commercial dips
  • like mayonnaise, but you need/want to avoid eggs or soy for some reason (almost all of the egg-free mayos on the market are made with soy [which is not necessarily the healthiest food especially since almost all sources are genetically modified now], or
  • are looking for a vegetable dip recipe because you like to cook — I have a solution for you today.

And about those commercial dips, how about this list from a popular store-bought dip: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, monoester, titanium dioxide, sodium tripolyphosphate, calcium disodium EDTA — Ugh!

Until I came upon this vegan mayo recipe, my son had never had anything that remotely tasted like mayonnaise.

And if I do say so myself, this one comes pretty close to the real thing.

This recipe is an adaptation from one in The Allergy Self-Help Cookbookby Marjorie Hurt Jones. This book is a great resource for anyone with food allergies or sensitivities.

Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe | Dairy-free Vegetable Dip (2)
Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe | Dairy-free Vegetable Dip (3)

My kids just LOVE this. How do they love it? Let me count the ways:

Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe | Dairy-free Vegetable Dip (4)
  1. As a dip for vegetables
  2. As a spread (it’s great on my Focaccia Flax Bread)
  3. Basically used anyway that you would use mayonnaise in any recipe
  4. By itself on a spoon :-).

Seriously, they really like it.

One somewhat funny way that it has helped us is with our egg problem. Since my oldest has a life-threatening allergy to egg whites, but he is not allergic to the yolks, one thing that I am always doing here is hard-boiling eggs for meals and snacks for him (it’s near-impossible to keep a raw yolk intact while trying to get every last bit of white off of it – believe me, I’ve tried).

Well, that leaves us plenty of whites that need to be eaten and well, egg whites alone aren’t mine nor my youngest son’s favorites (and my husband won’t touch eggs. That’s another story).

Anyhow, if I chop up the white and mix the chopped whites up with some of this “mayonnaise” to make an “egg white salad”, then they get eaten up pretty quickly.

Recipe Notes

  • Pumpkin seeds would work great instead of sunflower seeds.You can use nuts as well, if tolerated.It is best for your seeds or nuts to be .
  • You can substitute organic lemon juice or 1 teaspoon vitamin C crystals for the apple cider vinegar.
  • Any oil can be used instead of olive oil.
  • Cornstarch can be substituted for the arrowroot. A good lower-carb option which would work well for the THM diet is organic glucomannan, but only use 1/10 of what you would otherwise use if using glucomannan.
  • You can use any healthy sweetener instead of xylitol, but use only 1/2-1 scoop if using pure stevia extract.
  • Here is a great option for organic dried chives.
  • You can substitute organic lemon juice for the vinegar.

Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe | Dairy-free Vegetable Dip (5)

Vegan Mayonnaise Recipes | Egg-Free, Soy-Free Vegetable Dip

This Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe doubles as a Vegetable Dip. It’s vegan, soy, and nut-free!

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Course: Dressings, Seasonings, etc.

Cuisine: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Keto, Low-Carb, Paleo, Vegan, whole30

Servings: 1 cup

Calories: 691kcal



  • Grind the nuts or seeds into a “flour” in a blender or spice / coffee grinder.

  • Add water, blend 1 minute or until completely blended (if you have a high-powered blender like the Vitamix, you will only need to do this for about 15 seconds. In fact, if you have are so fortunate to have a Vitamix (have you figured out that I really love mine yet?), you can just put the nuts or seeds (without grinding) into the blender with the water and blend for about 1 minute and you will have saved yourself a step. I’m all about saving time in the kitchen :-).

  • Add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.

  • Pour into a saucepan and cook over a medium-low heat until thick.

  • If you are going to be using this as a dip, at this time, you may wish to add extra fresh or dried chives or other herbs like dill, to taste.

  • Cool and then store in the refrigerator. I recommend storing in a glass or stainless jar. It should keep for about 3 weeks.


Calories: 691kcal | Carbohydrates: 22g | Protein: 15g | Fat: 63g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Sodium: 596mg | Potassium: 512mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 502IU | Vitamin C: 8mg | Calcium: 75mg | Iron: 4mg | Net Carbs: 16g

Nutritional information is provided as a courtesy and is merely an approximation. Optional ingredients are not included and when there is an alternative, the primary ingredient is typically used. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information given for any recipe on this site. Erythritol carbs are not included in carb counts since they have been shown not to impact blood sugar. Net carbs are the total carbs minus fiber.

Need other substitutes for pantry basics besides this vegan mayonnaise recipe? How about:

Powdered Egg Replacer
Easiest Almond Milk
Powdered Sugar Substitute
Easiest Coconut Milk (Made Smoother)

Happy and healthy kids, a healthy budget and happy mom!

How would you use this Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe?
As a spread or dip or…

Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe | Dairy-free Vegetable Dip (2024)


Why won t my vegan mayo emulsify? ›

Why isn't my vegan mayo emulsifying? If your mayo isn't thickening up as expected, try adding some more oil. Also, make sure to pour the oil a little slower next time. You could also try getting your soya milk to room temperature before making it.

What is vegan mayonnaise made of? ›

Vegan mayonnaise is made of two main ingredients: soy milk (or aquafaba) and oil. Therefore, vegan mayo is different from regular mayonnaise, which combines egg and oil. Even though the ingredients are different, it is an excellent substitute for regular mayonnaise.

Why is my homemade vegan mayo runny? ›

If you'd already made it and needed to do it needed to add it to thicken but probably the thickness is doing a little bit more whipping maybe a little bit more oil into it or using the aquafaba which would probably be my first suggestion because you know, the oil it can adds a lot to it in the aquafaba just actually ...

What is the emulsifier in veg mayonnaise? ›

What Is Vegan Mayonnaise Made From?
  1. Aquafaba: It's a common egg substitute because it can be whipped up to create volume.
  2. Oil: The oil is the main emulsifier in our vegan mayonnaise recipe. ...
  3. Lemon: Mayonnaise needs an acid. ...
  4. Dijon mustard: Mustard is another emulsifier and helps boost flavor, plus add a bit of color.
May 12, 2022

How do you fix broken vegan mayonnaise? ›

Important: If mayonnaise doesn't thicken: 1- Start the process by using a small amount of the thin or broken mayonnaise and emulsify with the remaining oil. 2- Add alternately the remaining mixture that has not thicken and oil. 3- Use more oil than the recipe calls for if necessary.

What is Hellmann's vegan mayo made of? ›

NUTRITION. Canola oil, Water, Vinegar, Modified potato starch, Sugar, Salt, Modified corn starch, Natural flavour, Concentrated lemon juice, Sorbic acid (maintains quality), Spice, Calcium disodium EDTA (maintains flavour).

Why is butter not vegan? ›

Traditional butter is made with churned milk or cream, which usually comes from cows (but it can also come from other animals like goats), and that's why it's not vegan. Many people also use margarine, which is similar to butter in texture and color, but it's usually made with plant-based fat instead of animal fat.

Is Miracle Whip vegan? ›

Yes, Miracle Whip is dairy-free. It does not contain any dairy ingredients, such as milk, cheese, or butter. However, it does contain eggs, so it is not vegan.

Why didn t my vegan mayo thicken? ›

The mayo won't thicken

Usually this means the speed of the blender is too fast or you're adding the oil too fast. As I mentioned above, drizzle in the oil at the rate of about ¼ cup per minute.

Can vegan mayo go bad? ›

When does vegan mayonnaise expire? Typically, an unopened jar of vegan mayonnaise can last up to three months past its 'sell by' date if stored in a cool, dark, and dry environment like your pantry.

Why is my homemade mayo not working? ›

To sum up, if mayonnaise doesn't set or is too runny, there are two main reasons: the ingredients haven't been properly dosed or cold ingredients have been used. Either way, no need to worry: it's not too late to save your sauce.

How do you emulsify without eggs? ›

If you are allergic to eggs, you can use an egg replacer like ground flaxseed mixed with water. The amount is 1 Tablespoon ground flaxseed to 3 Tablespoons water to equal 1 egg. or you can use a boxed egg replacer like Ener-G. It's made from tapioca and potato starch and you mix it like the flaxseed and water.

What is a natural emulsifier? ›

Natural emulsifiers are usually derived from plant or animal sources. Common examples are lecithin, beeswax, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid and glyceryl stearate. These emulsifiers contain complex mixtures of lipids, fatty acids and other naturally occurring compounds.

Is soy flour an emulsifier? ›

The fat-free soybean flour was also used to replace egg white in combination with egg yolk as an emulsifying agent but the charac- teristic high viscosity of the cooked soybean flour was lost on addi- tion of yolk. an emulsifying agent.

Why is my mayo not emulsifying? ›

Too much oil was added at once. A lot of the time, if you add all of the oil at once, it is too much for the egg to take and it won't emulsify. Blender / immersion blender isn't strong enough for all the oil at once. Adding oil too fast.

Does vegan mayo separate? ›

If Vegenaise is stored too cold, the emulsion can break, and separation can occur. How long does Vegenaise stay fresh once it's been opened? Vegenaise is good until the Use By date printed on the side of the jar, whether opened or unopened.

Does vegan mayo taste the same as normal mayo? ›

Vegan mayo is a helpful, healthy alternative to the classic, and I really do stand by my assertion that the taste is almost exactly the same. You'd need some super-human taste buds to tell the difference. Or an egg allergy, I guess. Breaking out in hives would certainly give it away pretty quick, come to think of it.

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