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north maryland avenue, Portland, OR 97217

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Two rooms for rent in cute vintage homestead near Mississippi Ave! - rooms & shares - apartment room roommate share... (1)

north maryland avenue near north skidmore avenue

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3BR / sharedBa 2000ft2 available aug 1

rent period: monthly

private room

cats are OK - purrr


no private bath

dogs are OK - wooof

w/d in unit

off-street parking

no smoking

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*UPDATE* This is the ONLY post about this house. For some reason scammers keep copying the ad—if you see another one please flag it for removal, thanks!

The house: a gorgeous three bedroom with a large backyard and the added bonus of a huge finished basem*nt that has room for office space, storage, craft area, whatever you can dream up. There’s all kinds of fun features in this recently renovated home, from lots of built-in storage and antique ceiling fans to the brand-new energy efficient screened windows and new appliances. The backyard is as big as the house, with several garden beds that grow things like raspberries, lettuce, collards, and pumpkins depending on the season. The house is officially in the Overlook neighborhood but a 5-minute walk to Mississippi Avenue, with easy access to I-5 and the Yellow line Max too. There are no pets currently living at the house, so a well-trained small dog or a cat would be OK. It’s important to know that the kitchen policy is largely vegetarian; cooking meat (including fish) in the house is not allowed but things like cold cuts or bringing home takeout are fine. Street parking is usually plentiful, and there’s one shared available parking spot in the back alley that makes a good loading zone. A nice thing to know about this house in the long term is the owner is local and really cool, not someone who’s trying to raise the rent to inhuman levels just to make a buck.

The rooms: the two bedrooms on the first floor are available, while the current housemate occupies the converted attic bedroom. The $700 bedroom is 10x14 with two windows, both of which face the garden, and a decent sized closet. A previous tenant was able to fit a king sized bed in the room with plenty of space left over. The $650 bedroom is 10x11 with a closet, one garden window and a door that leads to the back patio and backyard. This room would work best with a queen bed or smaller. It has been used as an office recently which you can see in the photos. These bedrooms are both quiet since they aren’t on the street side, but are close to the shared bathroom. All three bedroom doors are fairly close to one another, so it’s good to be conscientious of noise.

The housemate: I’m Mary, a journalist, communications officer, and dancer in my 40s who has lived in the house for two years and in Portland for nearly 20 years. I’m a queer and nonbinary grown-up punk, I’m often found outside the house in nature hiking or paddleboarding, and when I’m home I tend to chill in my room reading or at my desk in the basem*nt where I sometimes work, and I love to plant and harvest in the garden. I also take occasional dog sitting gigs where I’m gone for a few days at a time, and love to travel. The furniture in the house is mine, but I’m happy to make room for more as needed and housemates are welcome to my 10,000 books as long as they let me know they’re borrowing one. Because I have the biggest bedroom, I pay more rent—I’m into things being fair. Yo hablo español.

The fit: Having shared the house with one other person, I recently decided to expand to three roommates in order to lower costs and make better use of the place. The house works best as a space shared by people with active lives who aren’t home all day, every day, but who also care about having a nice home. There really is a ton of room with the additional level downstairs, the big yard, and the detached garage, but there’s also only one bathroom and the kitchen is on the smaller side. So this is a good house for someone who is looking for a peaceful and friendly sanctuary but doesn’t have a lot of partners or friends over (again, one bathroom gets pretty busy). It’s a good space for people who have lived with roommates and understand the importance of leaving each space as clean as you found it or cleaner, knowing that someone else has to use the dining table or toilet after you. It’s a good space for someone who is skilled with clear, direct, nonviolent communication when there’s something that needs to be ironed out. It’s a good space for someone who understands that chores in a big house aren’t limited to cleaning but also include things like mowing the lawn and rolling the garbage cans down to the street. It’s a good place to land if you don’t have tons and tons of furniture or kitchen stuff, since it’s already pretty set up. It’s a GREAT space for someone looking for more than just a house, but a homestead vibe where you can grow food or flowers, make art in the garage, put a desk in the basem*nt level, etc. And while it’s open to everyone, it’s a fantastic space for more queer and trans folks and/or Spanish speakers.

Both rooms require a one month security deposit equivalent to a month’s rent, and the first 30 days are a trial period before signing on to the lease (which renews in February). So the $700 bedroom costs $1400 to move in, and the $650 bedroom costs $1300 to move in. Bills are split evenly three ways and include water/sewer, gas, electric, and WiFi. The utilities cost averages about $100 per person, per month. If you think this could be the place for you, send a message with a little about yourself!

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    Two rooms for rent in cute vintage homestead near Mississippi Ave! - rooms & shares - apartment room roommate share... (2024)
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