Sorority Big Little Reveal: What It Is and How It Works (2024)

Navigating the mystery and excitement of a sorority’s “Big Little Reveal” can be thrilling yet overwhelming. As an enriching tradition in Greek Life, this special event forms bonds that translate to lifelong friendships.

Here we’ll review sorority big little reveal and how it works. Through our ultimate guide, we aim to demystify the process and explain every aspect, from understanding who Bigs and Littles are to uncovering the exciting reveal day activities. Get ready for an enlightening journey through one of sorority life’s most anticipated traditions!

Key Takeaways

  • The Big Little Reveal is a special event in sororities where older sisters, known as Bigs, are paired up with younger sisters, known as Littles.
  • Becoming a Big or Little involves joining a sorority chapter, forming connections with potential Bigs or Littles, going through a matching process, and building a strong relationship.
  • During Reveal Week, there are activities like gift exchanges and scavenger hunts that culminate in the exciting moment when Bigs are revealed to their Littles.
  • The role of a Big goes beyond friendship; they serve as mentors and guides for their Littles throughout college and beyond. Activities like crafting, study sessions, and family dinners foster strong bonds between Bigs and Littles.

How Bigs and Littles Work in Sororities

In sororities, a Big is an older sister who mentors and guides a Little, typically a younger sister who has recently joined the chapter.

What is a sorority Big

A sorority Big is a key part of Greek Life. This person is an older member of the sorority who acts as a guide and friend to a new member, known as the Little. The Big helps her Little learn about sorority life.

She will share with her knowledge about the chapter’s traditions and rules. They often form close bonds that last far beyond college years. Being chosen as a Big is seen as an honor in sororities across the nation.

What is a sorority Little

A sorority Little is a new member who has been paired with an older member, known as the Big sister. The Big sister acts as a mentor and guide to the Little sister, helping her navigate through sorority life and offering support in various ways.

This relationship is an important part of Greek Life and helps create a sense of family within the sorority chapter. The process of becoming a Little involves getting to know potential Big sisters during recruitment events or through other activities organized by the sorority.

Once matched, the Big reveals herself to her Little in an exciting event called the Big Little Reveal, which marks the beginning of their special bond.

The process of becoming a Big or Little

Becoming a Big or Little in a sorority involves a few important steps:

  1. Joining a sorority chapter: To become a Big or Little, you must first join a sorority chapter during the recruitment process.
  2. Participating in sorority events: Once you have joined, you will attend various events and activities organized by the sorority.
  3. Forming connections: During these events, you will have the opportunity to meet and form connections with other members of the sorority, including potential Bigs or Littles.
  4. Going through the matching process: The matching process is when each potential Little is matched with a potential Big based on factors like compatibility and shared interests.
  5. Getting to know your match: After being matched, you will spend time getting to know your Big or Little through activities like outings, study sessions, and bonding events.
  6. Building a relationship: As you spend more time together, your bond as Big and Little will strengthen, leading to a supportive mentorship relationship.

The Sorority Big Little Reveal

During Reveal Week, sorority chapters come together to celebrate the exciting moment when Bigs and Littles are paired up and their identities are revealed.

The importance and excitement of Reveal Week

Reveal Week is a very special time in sororities. It’s when the Big sisters are finally revealed to their Littles, and it’s a moment filled with excitement and anticipation. This week is all about creating strong bonds and starting meaningful relationships within the chapter.

The activities and traditions during Reveal Week help foster a sense of sisterhood and create memories that will last a lifetime. Each sorority may have its own unique way of conducting the Big Little reveal, but no matter how it’s done, the importance of this week cannot be overstated.

It’s a time for Littles to feel welcomed into their new family, and for Bigs to take on the role of mentor and guide as they begin this new journey together. Reveal Week is truly an exciting time for everyone involved in Greek life!

Activities and traditions during Reveal Week

During Reveal Week, there are many exciting activities and traditions that take place. Here are some of them:

  • Bigs and Littles exchange small gifts to show their excitement and to bond with each other.
  • Many sororities have a reveal theme, where Bigs and Littles dress up according to a specific theme or costume.
  • Some chapters organize scavenger hunts, where Littles have to follow clues to find their Bigs.
  • Reveal Day often includes a special ceremony or event where Bigs are finally revealed to their Littles.
  • Some sororities have traditions like pairing up Bigs and Littles with matching shirts or accessories during the reveal.
  • Throughout Reveal Week, there may be bonding activities planned for Bigs and Littles to get to know each other better.

What to expect on Big Little Reveal Day

On Big Little Reveal Day, you can expect an exciting and memorable experience. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Anticipation and excitement building up throughout the day
  • Meeting with your sorority sisters and fellow Littles
  • Participating in fun activities and traditions organized by the chapter
  • Receiving clues or participating in a scavenger hunt to find your Big sister
  • The reveal itself, where you finally meet your Big sister and learn her identity
  • Experiencing the joy of being welcomed into a new sisterhood
  • Celebrating with your new sorority family and bonding with your Big sister

The Relationship between Bigs and Littles

Discover the invaluable role of a Big in a Little’s life, from building a strong bond to providing mentorship and support. Explore the fun activities and traditions that strengthen the connection between Bigs and Littles.

The role of a Big in a Little’s life

A Big plays an important role in a Little’s life. They become mentors, guides, and friends to their Littles. The Big helps the Little navigate sorority life, offering support and advice when needed.

They are there to encourage their Littles to get involved in chapter activities and make the most of their Greek experience. The Big also helps the Little feel welcome and part of the sisterhood by including them in traditions, events, and bonding activities within the sorority.

Overall, being a mentor and friend is what makes a Big’s role so special in a Little’s life.

Building a strong bond and mentorship

Building a strong bond and mentorship is an essential part of the Big Little relationship in sororities. The role of a Big sister goes beyond just being a friend; they are like mentors to their Littles, guiding and supporting them throughout their college journey.

They provide academic advice, emotional support, and help them navigate the challenges of Greek life. Activities and traditions like weekly check-ins, study sessions, and shared experiences create lasting memories that strengthen the bond between Bigs and Littles.

The special connection formed during this time often continues long after graduation, as many Bigs become lifelong mentors for their Littles.

In addition to providing guidance, Big sisters also encourage personal growth by promoting involvement in sorority events and campus activities. They inspire their Littles to step out of their comfort zones, pursue leadership positions within the chapter or participate in community service projects.

Through these experiences, Littles gain valuable skills while developing a sense of belonging within the sorority family.

Activities and traditions between Bigs and Littles

Activities and traditions between Bigs and Littles foster strong bonds and create lasting memories in sororities. Here are some of the exciting things that Bigs and Littles do together:

  1. Crafting: Bigs and Littles often spend time crafting together, creating personalized gifts for each other or making items for their sorority chapter.
  2. Matching Outfits: Bigs and Littles may coordinate their outfits for special events or wear matching shirts to show off their bond.
  3. Secret Sister Gifts: Throughout the year, Bigs surprise their Littles with anonymous gifts to show appreciation and support.
  4. Study Sessions: Big sisters help their Littles with schoolwork by offering study sessions, tutoring, or sharing study tips.
  5. Traditions: Sororities have unique traditions that Bigs pass down to their Littles, creating a sense of heritage within the chapter.
  6. Date Nights: Bigs and Littles enjoy spending quality time together on fun outings like movie nights, dinner dates, or attending campus events.
  7. Family Dinners: Sorority families often gather for shared meals where Bigs, Littles, and other family members come together to bond over food and conversation.
  8. Special Events: Whether it’s themed parties, formal dances, or philanthropic activities, Bigs and Littles participate in various sorority events as a team.
  9. Support System: Big sisters offer emotional support to their Littles during challenging times, providing guidance and being a listening ear when needed.
  10. Lifelong Friendship: The relationship between Bigs and Littles extends beyond college years as they continue to support each other through life’s ups and downs.

Final Thoughts on the Big Little Experience

In conclusion, the Big Little experience in sororities is a special and exciting time for both Bigs and Littles. It’s a chance to form strong bonds, mentorship, and create lifelong memories.

The Big Little Reveal Week is an important tradition that brings chapters together and showcases the unique spirit of sisterhood found in Greek life. Whether it’s through activities, gifts, or traditions, the Big Little relationship is something truly special that lasts long after college.


In conclusion, the sorority “Big Little Reveal” is an exciting and important event in Greek life. It involves revealing the Big sisters to their Littles in creative and fun ways. The Big/Little relationship is a special bond that offers mentorship and support throughout a sister’s time in the sorority.

By participating in the Big Little Reveal, members can create lifelong memories and friendships within their chapter.


1. What is a “Big Little Reveal” in sororities?

A “Big Little Reveal” is a special event in sororities where older members (“Bigs”) are matched with new members (“Littles”) as mentors and friends.

2. How does the “Big Little Reveal” work?

During the “Big Little Reveal,” new members receive clues or gifts from their potential Bigs, leading up to a reveal event where they find out who their Big Sister is.

3. Can anyone participate in the “Big Little Reveal”?

No, only active members of sororities can participate in the “Big Little Reveal.” It is an exclusive event for sorority sisters.

4. What is the purpose of the “Big Little Reveal”?

The purpose of the “Big Little Reveal” is to foster meaningful relationships between older and younger sorority members, providing support and guidance throughout their college experience.

Sorority Big Little Reveal: What It Is and How It Works (2024)
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