Kayak Fishing 14' Stand-Up or Sit "Freedom 14" Multi-Use w/Outriggers - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (2024)

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Kayak Fishing 14' Stand-Up or Sit "Freedom 14" Multi-Use w/Outriggers - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (1)

boat type: kayak/canoe/SUP

propulsion type: human

condition: excellent

length overall (LOA): 14

make / manufacturer: Freedom Hawk

model name / number: Freedom 14

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Fishing Stand-Up 14' Kayak by Freedom Hawk Kayak Co with Patented Outrigger Stabilization for Salt or Freshwater Fishing. This is the Ultimate Kayak with so many uses - can use it to Sit, Stand, Paddle, Pole, Float, Troll and/or you can purchase a motor mount & motor to motor around. It can be used as a standard kayak with Paddle or use it for Fishing, Crabbing, Duck Hunting, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Wildlife Photography, etc (so many uses). Freedom Kayak make a 12' and 14' Stand-Up Kayak - this is the larger, more stable, more expensive, more options 14 foot model. The down ridges can be quickly removed to make the Kayak much smaller and will allow it to fit in most SUVs or Roof Tops. The kayak and many storage compartment, pole holders, adjustable foot rests, carrying handles, bar to hold onto when standing, long adjustable & portable pole to push your way around shallow water, portable kayak paddle, etc. It's a well made kayak and is in Excellent Condition (very little usage) - it's approximately 10 years old and was garage stored. Please see Descriptions and Product Details below for additional information. Some of the stock photos I attached are the 12' model - just remember this is the larger, more expensive, more optioned 14' model. New this is a $1850 plus tax kayak - will sell as-is for $725 (see NOTE below about seat cushion and 2 storage covers).

NOTE: the original cushion seat had a rip so I tossed it out - replacement seats are extremely cheap - as low as $18 with free shipping on eBay - I figured new owner could by the replacement seat they like but I will replace it if the new buyer doesn't want to be bothered. Also the 2 rubber storage covers got lost and they are also very cheap online and again I will replace if new owner doesn't want to do it. The kayak is fully functional without a cushion seat or the storage covers. The price above $725 is for the kayak without new cushion seat and without 2 missing storage covers - for $825 I will buy new cushion seat and new storage covers and install, so it will be 100% complete.

Product Details
Freedom Hawk Kayaks®'s next generation of fishing kayak, the Pathfinder gives you the latest in stand-up fishing from an easy to paddle kayak. With the same easy to deploy, built-in stabilization system as the Freedom series of fishing kayaks, the Pathfinder gives outdoorsmen the easy mobility of a kayak with the stability of a jon boat. A smart choice for fishing, duck hunting, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, wildlife photography, and more, the Pathfinder sports a freeboard and upswept bow for dryer fishing in open water and a patented inline outrigger system that operates with the pull of a lever. This unique system gives anglers a choice of three positions to meet their needs. The conventional first position provides traditional kayak handling, the second position spreads the outriggers out at a 45º angle for revolutionary stability while standing, while the third "inline" position delivers additional stability and maximum efficiency when paddling, fishing, or polling. The specialized outriggers remove easily for transport and storage, leaving you with a 10' 4'' kayak that weighs just 61 lbs. to carry and load. The Pathfinder also offers a casting brace for additional support and stability while fishing, two flush mount rod holders, waterproof storage in each outrigger and bow hatch, and a rear deck tackle storage tray. Easy to maneuver and operate, the Pathfinder kayak also keeps you comfortable out on the water with its adjustable footrests and high back, and Elite seat. Eight self-bailing scupper holes with plugs. Carry weight: 61 lbs. (kayak only). 14' 2'' long (with outriggers attached). Shown with optional elite angler seat (not included). Maximum weight capacity: 450 lbs. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: 6000.

Fishing kayak that can handle all fishing water, from open ocean to inland lake, river, or pond
Unique design takes you from paddling to stand-up fishing in seconds
Inline outrigger design - quickly transitions kayak into an angling platform with the stability of a jon boat
Three outrigger positions - conventional, angled, and inline
Outriggers remove easily for easier transport and storage
Casting brace for additional support and stability while fishing
Adjustable foot rests
Two flush mount rod holders
Waterproof storage in each outrigger and in bow hatch
Freeboard and upswept bow keep boat dry in open water fishing
Rear deck tackle storage tray
Eight self-bailing scupper holes with plugs

The next generation of great fishing kayaks. Stand, sit, paddle, pole, motor, troll, float… deep water reefs, coastal flats, rivers and ponds. This boat does it all! Featuring the same patented outrigger as the Freedom 12, this kayak offers three outrigger positions based on degrees of efficiency and stability. It paddles like a conventional kayak in position one. Position two offers maximum stability for standup fishing and the third position offers a blend of efficiency and stability for poling or motoring. This boat features maximum performance for longer paddling trips and the added freeboard and upswept bow make the Pathfinder dry in the most challenging open water fishing conditions. Standard features include: Internal dry storage, casting brace, scuppers, 2 rod holders, high back seat, and inserts for optional motor mount. Stand or sit…the world’s best stand–up kayak is now the best sit down kayak as well.

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    Kayak Fishing 14' Stand-Up or Sit "Freedom 14" Multi-Use w/Outriggers - boats - by owner - marine sale - craigslist (2024)
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