Environmental Policy (2024)


Sustainability for All.

Understand how federal laws and local rules affect everything from the quality of our water to how endangered animals are protected.

Conservation Groups Sue Utah for Starving the Great Salt Lake of WaterEndangered Amazon River Dolphins Threatened by Proposed Dams and Dredging How Does BPA Affect Animals and the Environment?Europe's Last Wild River 'Protected Once and For All' with National Park DesignationUS Government to Crank Lightbulb Efficiency Up to 120 Lumens Per Watt
US Agencies Release Blueprint for Decarbonizing Transportation and It's AmazingEurope to Put 'Green Tariff' on Dirty ImportsGerman Rail Operator Switches to Reusable Cups and Plates to Curb WasteUS to Ban Refrigerants With High Global Warming PotentialBiden-Harris Administration to Electrify Buildings and Clean Up Indoor Air QualityUS to Relocate Tribal Groups Due to Climate ChangeA Conservative Recalibration on Climate Is Inevitable, But Bipartisanship Is Not the Endgame50 Countries Join Ambitious Plan to Protect 30% of Earth by 2030Indigenous Women Ask Biden to Keep Fossil Fuels in the GroundPresident Biden to Halt Oil and Gas Leasing on Federal Lands What Is Cap and Trade? Policy, Examples, and EffectivenessBiden Dedicates $9B to Fund Half a Million Heat PumpsHouse of Lords Committee Calls for Living a 1.5 Degree LifestyleCalifornia, Where Jaywalking Laws were Invented, Now Legalizes ItAre British Conservatives Really Committed to Climate Action?The Inflation Reduction Act Is a Huge Win for Climate But Still Falls Short What’s Not in Biden's Climate Bill Is Just As Vital As What Is Why Don’t British Conservative Politicians Support Renewable Energy?European Union OKs Nuclear Power and Natural Gas for 'Green' InvestmentJudge Restores Endangered Species Act ProtectionsBiden Invokes Defense Production Act to Promote Oil AlternativesNew Energy Standards for Manufactured Homes Are Way Too WeakBush-Era Efficiency Standards for Light Bulbs Are BackUS Resumes Drilling on Public Land, Showing We Have Learned Nothing in 50 YearsEuropean Union to Impose a Tax on Imported CarbonGovernments Should Subsidize E-Bikes, Not Gasoline PricesHow Green Is Biden’s Industrial Decarbonization Plan? Embodied Carbon Legislation Introduced in British ParliamentEcuador Expands Protected Galapagos Marine Reserve by More Than 23,000 Square Miles 400 Canadian Scientists and Academics Oppose Carbon Capture Tax CreditsPortugal Creates Europe's Largest Marine ReserveBiden's Infrastructure Law Is Good for the Climate But Not Enough World Leaders Drag Their Feet at COP26White House Unveils Plans for Future Offshore Wind FarmsUK to Target 100% Zero Carbon Electricity by 2035. We Need to Go Even Faster. Biden Administration Seeks New Rules to Protect Workers From Extreme HeatUS and EU Pledge to Slash Methane EmissionsChina Pledges to Stop Financing New Coal Projects Abroad Maine Is a Trailblazer in Holding Companies Accountable for Recycling Packaging WasteEPA Moves to Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay from Massive Mining ProjectWilderness Act: Summary, Impact, and Current StatusWhat Is the California Toxic Free Cosmetics Act? List of Banned IngredientsSolar Could Be the Keystone of Biden’s Decarbonization Plans Two Shipping Companies Take Baby Steps Into Zero Emissions FutureUS Congress Advances Key Climate LegislationA Greener Way to Die? States Legalize Human CompostingIs Any Party in the Canadian Election Taking Climate Seriously?What Are Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)? Definition, Examples, and Environmental ConcernsAustralia Successfully Lobbies to Keep Great Barrier Reef Off 'In Danger' List Biden to Restore Protections for America's Largest National ForestGas Pump 'Warming Labels' Could Galvanize Support for Decarbonization Policies Maine Adopts 'World First' Ban on Forever Chemicals EPA Allowed Toxic Chemicals for Fracking Since 2011The International History of WhalingHow Sweden's Logging Practices Affect the EnvironmentWhat Oregon's Ambitious Climate Bill Means for Climate Change7 Latino Heritage Sites Need Preservation, Group SaysThe California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA): Summary and ImpactOil Pollution Act: Summary and Impact

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Environmental Policy (2024)
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