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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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‘Woke’: How a Word for ‘Awake’ Got Hijacked

I am not an early riser, but I am glad for those who are. I admire those who are not only up but OUT, enjoying sunrises over the ocean and general natural splendor. One of the people I am grateful …

How the Rainbow Teaches a People to Hope

Do you know who Roy G Biv is? He is not running for city commission! He teaches us the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Maybe you heard his name sung in a song …

Will We Exclude, or Will We Pay Attention to What Jesus Said?

Jim Wallis is an evangelical Christian who has worked for peace and social justice all his life. I remember when his book, “God’s Politics” came out in 2005 and caused quite …

Baptists Abandon Condo Plans Near Buccaneer Trail

Amelia Baptist Church has abandoned plans to build two condominium buildings with 24 total units along the Amelia River on an oak-lined street of residential homes off Buccaneer …

Zoo and FWC Partnering to Expand Manatee Care

Tucked away behind the scenes of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is the Northeast Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) Marine Mammal Response Field Laboratory. FWC is part of the …

Want to Be in the New Parade? Have the Right Beliefs

Fernandina Beach is a parade-loving town! There will be a new parade in town on June 29, a Christian Heritage parade. As a Christian, I wondered what it was about. I looked …

Take It from Chessie the Manatee: You Can Help

In the fall of 1994, reports began to surface that a West Indian manatee was swimming in the Chesapeake Bay. The West Indian manatee is typically found in the warm waters of Florida …

We All Need Spirit Guides Through the World of Words

I am not often at a loss for words. Here is a classic example. I was trying to explain to my oldest nephew, then aged 3, why it was time for bed. As my mother led him up the …

When Apologies Really Mean It, Forgiveness Flows

By Linda Hart Green Saying “I’m sorry” is hard. I am talking about the kind of sorry that does something about the hurt or wrong that was caused. This is called “restitution” or “making …

Manatee Stories Go Back into 1756

By Lauri deGaris I have a subscription to This allows me to search thousands of newspaper articles from around the world. Many newspapers have been digitized and date back hundreds of …

Put the Parking Costs Where the Profits Are

By Suanne Thamm Dear Commissioners: It seems to me that most of the complaints about downtown parking adequacy come from those who are engaged in money-making ventures downtown: Retail shops. It has …

An Ode to Trees -- and Their Protectors

By Dickie Anderson Live oak trees with their sprawling limbs add a dash of Southern charm from the north to the south end of Amelia Island. These gentle giants dot our island and are an intrinsic …

Introduction to a Biologist's Love Affair with Manatees

When you’ve spent as many hours as the author has observing manatees from 750 feet, they become like family. This begins a 5-part series on manatees as our waters warm and they return for the …

A Commentary on Inconsistent Public Comment Rules

By Mike Lednovich Corrine Garrett led off the public comment segment of the May 7 city commission meeting with a question. "I would like to know if Fernandina Beach city commissioners are in line …

Letter submission from Kathy Test

The following information was submitted to the letter to the editor information form on name: Kathylast name: Testaddress:city: Fernandina …

A Plea for Action on the Waterfront Park

By Suanne Thamm Dear City Commissioners: Yours is not an easy or financially rewarding job. But the exercise of your duties as public officials is serious and impactful for the health and prosperity …

Commentary: Reflections on Earth Day

Earth Day 1970, Philadelphia. By Linda Hart Green Earth Day 1970, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I only skipped school one day in high school. I was a junior. I was also a …

Dear Readers: Prepare for Change

By Mike Phillips Observer Editor and Publisher In the coming weeks, you will start seeing a very different Fernandina Observer. We didn't want to startle you one day, so here is a preview: The new …

Commentary: It's Now or Never to Keep Our City Liveable

By Mike LednovichThe deadline is just six weeks away for candidacy in the Fernandina Beach city commission and a concerning silence persists.Despite widespread dissatisfaction with the …

Commentary: Book-Banners Who Preach a War Between Good and Evil

By Linda Hart GreenA number of books have been removed from Nassau County school classrooms and libraries. The local group, Citizens Defending Freedom, was responsible for the challenges that …

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