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ATM banking overview

As a U.S. Bank customer, you have access to one of the largest ATM networks in America.

U.S. Bank ATMs are designed to accommodate your most common banking needs with access to your U.S. Bank checking, savings and credit card accounts. As a U.S. Bank customer, you’ll pay no transaction or surcharge fees at U.S. Bank ATMs.

It’s your money. We make it quick and easy to move it and use it – 24/7/365.

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At most U.S. Bank ATMs, you can:

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Get started.

Your ATM welcome screen shows you the types of transactions that can be performed at that location. Insert or tap your card and enter your PIN. Fast Cash and other transaction options are just a tap away.

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Deposit cash and checks in a flash.

Insert your checks and bills without an envelope. Cash deposits are credited to your account instantly. Simply put your money in, confirm your deposit and be on your way.

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Get cash the way you want it.

Do you prefer large or small bills? You choose. Withdraw your cash the way you want.1

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Transfer money between your U.S. Bank accounts.

At U.S. Bank ATMs, it’s easy to transfer money from your checking or savings accounts. You can also use this feature to reduce the outstanding balance on your line of credit or credit card.

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Make payments.

Transferring your money from one U.S. Bank account to another is easy – and so is making payments on your U.S. Bank credit cards. Just insert your card and transfer for payment.

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Set your ATM preferences.

Choose your primary language and set up your Fast Cash preferences. To make your stop even faster, set up your receipt preference toNo receiptorEmailfor all your future ATM transactions.

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Reset your card PIN.

To safeguard your security, it’s a good idea to change your card PIN regularly. Set your card PIN and change it as often as you wish at a U.S. Bank ATM.

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Access more ATMs.

For ATM banking options while you’re on the go, U.S. Bank partners with other ATM providers, including the MoneyPass® ATM Network2 and Cardtronics. As a U.S. Bank customer, you can transact at thousands of additional ATMs across the country; fees and functionality vary by location.1

Functionality at most of these ATMs includes cash withdrawal, balance inquiries and transfer to accounts linked to your card.

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Frequently asked questions: ATM banking

To find the nearest ATM, visit ourATM locator or use the U.S. Bank Mobile App. Once there, enter your location and select the ATM checkbox filter for a list of nearby U.S. Bank ATMs or partner ATMs. As a U.S. Bank customer, you also have access to transact at MoneyPass Network ATMs without a surcharge fee.2It's easy to find MoneyPass ATMs in your area. To find MoneyPass ATM locations, select “visit the MoneyPass locator” at the bottom of our ATM locator search results to be taken to the MoneyPass website.

Your daily ATM withdrawal limit depends on the type of account you have at U.S. Bank and on your account status. To see your limit amounts:

In online banking:
Select your checking account on the Dashboard, then choose Account services from the second horizontal menu on the page. Next, under Payments, choose Transaction limits. Daily ATM withdrawal and purchase limits are shown at the bottom of the page.

In the U.S. Bank Mobile App:
Select View transaction limits on the Accounts dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

If you are a U.S. Bank account holder with ATM access as a feature of your account, there are no ATM Transaction fees to use a U.S. Bank ATM.2

Partner ATM Transaction fees and functionality may vary. You can transact at ATMs in participating 7-Eleven stores without ATM Transaction or surcharge fees. At participating Moneypass Network ATMs, you'll avoid surcharge fees when you use your U.S. Bank card. However, transactions may be subject to U.S. Bank ATM Transaction fees.

Please reference our ATM locator to differentiate between U.S. Bank ATMs and partner ATMs that you have access to. Some may have limited transactions available and fees may apply.

Cash deposits made at a U.S. Bank ATM are credited to your account the same business day. Checks deposited before 8 p.m. local time are posted the same day. Checks deposited after 8 p.m. local time will typically be processed and posted to the account the next business day.

See the Funds Availability section of Your Deposit Account Agreement (PDF) for more details.

All of our ATMs can accept both bills and checks in one transaction. Based on the ATM you're visiting, you'll be shown the exact number of bills and checks that terminal will allow.

No, U.S. Bank ATMs cannot accept coins.

Folded or damaged checks or bills may not be legible by the ATM scanner. In those cases, you can make your deposit with a teller. You can also deposit checks usingmobile check deposit3 in the U.S. Bank Mobile App.

Yes, a signature is required on all checks you deposit at the ATM. Please make sure checks are payable to and endorsed by the account holder. If the check is not properly endorsed, there may be a delay in processing and posting the funds to your account.

No, U.S. Bank ATMs cannot accept foreign checks or foreign currency. Please visit any of ourbranch locations to discuss available options for foreign checks or currency.

At this time, you can only deposit the full amount into one account. You may transfer any available funds to your other accounts anytime at the ATM. Funds deposited may not be available for immediate use or withdrawal. Please refer to the Funds Availability section ofYour Deposit Account Agreement(PDF) for more details.

For questions regarding your experience at a U.S. Bank ATM, please contact us at 800-USBANKS (872-2657) or visit your nearest branch.

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  1. Some U.S. Bank ATMs have limited functionality. Please see the ATM and branch locator, at or in the U.S. Bank Mobile App, to view feature availability at U.S. Bank ATMs.

  2. Non-U.S. Bank ATMs are defined as any ATM that does not display the U.S. Bank logo in any manner, physically on the ATM or digitally on the screen. If a Non-U.S. Bank ATM Transaction fee is applied, U.S. Bank will assess a fee for each ATM Transaction conducted at the Non-U.S. Bank ATM. Please refer to the Consumer Pricing Information brochure for a summary of ATM Transaction fees. Additionally, Non-U.S. Bank ATM owners may apply a surcharge fee unless they participate in the MoneyPass® Network or are in alliance with U.S. Bank to be considered a Partner ATM and depicted on the U.S. Bank locator as such.To find MoneyPass ATM locations, select “visit the MoneyPass locator” at the bottom of ourATM locatorsearch results to be taken to the MoneyPass website.

  3. Eligibility requirements and restrictions apply. Please refer to the Digital Services Agreementfor more information.



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