ArcGIS | Geospatial Platform - GIS Software for Business & Government (2024)

ArcGIS | Geospatial Platform - GIS Software for Business & Government (1)

Esri’s enterprise geospatial platform

What is ArcGIS?

ArcGIS is a comprehensive geospatial platform for professionals and organizations. It is the leading geographic information system (GIS) technology.Built by Esri, ArcGIS integrates and connects data through the context of geography. It provides world-leading capabilities for creating, managing, analyzing, mapping, and sharing all types of data. Organizations that use ArcGIS to understand and analyze their data in geographic context have a distinct advantage and decision-making edge.

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ArcGIS supports essential business and government operations

These are some of the most prevalent ways organizations apply ArcGIS to return tangible value.

  • Asset and network management

    Know the real-time location and condition of moving and stationary assets

  • Policy and transparency

    Allocate resources where they are needed most and communicate decisions in a powerful visual format

  • Urban planning and development

    Create context-rich digital twins that integrate geography with BIM and 3D data

  • Land use and property management

    Streamline land management with an authoritative geographic database, capabilities, and tools

  • Natural resource management

    Leverage maps, imagery, and remote sensing to manage resources sustainably and equitably

  • Transportation and logistics

    Plan efficient routes and manage complex fleet logistics with shared maps and dashboards

  • Market analysis and site selection

    Choose the smartest locations for stores, facilities, and market expansion with comprehensive place-based data and spatial analysis

  • Supply chain optimization

    Power end-to-end supply chain visibility and planning with real-time maps

  • Public safety and security

    Enhance situational awareness with precise real-time location data

  • Risk analytics and mitigation

    Map assets to pinpoint risk and prioritize mitigation strategies for maximum benefit



Explore how organizations are innovating with ArcGIS

Leading organizations in virtually every field use ArcGIS to solve complex problems across operations. Find out how ArcGIS is being used across industries.

  1. Vodafone
  2. State of Montana
  3. The City of Vienna
  4. Organic Valley
  5. Marriott International
  6. FedEx

Asset and network management

Vodafone map ‘experiment’ set for enterprise adoption

Driven by curiosity and a desire to innovate, Vodafone engineers created a geospatial digital twin of its Britain cellular network using ArcGIS technology. They discovered that the solution enabled virtual site visits, enhanced capacity planning, and created many other operational efficiencies. Vodafone now plans to roll out ArcGIS-powered digital twins in 12 markets across Europe.

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Policy and transparency

Montana ensures equitable distribution of funds

With $900 million from the American Rescue Plan Act to spend strategically, Montana’s Department of Natural Resources and Conservation turned to ArcGIS. Maps and dashboards added transparency to the distribution of economic stimulus funds, showing where projects had been selected across the state. This ensured funds were equitably divided and helped simplify the complex proposal process for grant applicants.

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Urban planning and development

Vienna designs a city within a city

In one of Europe’s largest urban development projects, Vienna is transforming a derelict airfield into aspern Seestadt—one of Europe’s most dynamic planned communities and a test bed for smart city initiatives. As aspern Seestadt takes shape, ArcGIS has become a powerful integrated tool for planners and architects, providing a common virtual meeting space for project-related data. Maps and dashboards facilitate collaboration among public and private partners. A 3D geospatial digital twin helps measure progress and explore future scenarios to enhance sustainability.

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Natural resource management

Organic Valley optimizes pastures for sustainable dairy

Organic Valley, the largest farmer-owned organic cooperative in the US, uses custom maps and satellite imagery to improve grazing management and pasture health for their cows.A combination of ArcGIS tools and satellite imagery provides farmers with accurate pasture condition reports. The reports are highly automated and include information on paddock health, available biomass, and grazing recommendations. ArcGIS helps the co-op optimize milk production and promote environmental stewardship in organic dairy farming.

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Risk analytics and mitigation

Marriott builds a Risk Atlas for safer travels

Marriott International, a hotel brand operating in 139 countries with almost 8,700 properties, relies on a comprehensive risk assessment tool known as Risk Atlas for guest safety.Built with ArcGIS, Risk Atlas analyzes data from diverse sources like news reports, social media chatter, and meteorological information to evaluate threat levels by location. The map format makes it easy to share data across the enterprise, from real estate teams to security managers. Reliable alerts enable Marriott to make informed decisions to protect guests and assets, ensuring business continuity.

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Transportation and logistics

FedEx manages maintenance on its global fleet of airplanes

To keep hundreds of FedEx planes flying, the right repair parts must be in the right place at the right time. ArcGIS is integrated with the FedEx maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) system, delivering timely intelligence about where planes, parts, and mechanics are, so repairs don’t lead to costly breakdowns and delays.Executives, pilots, mechanics, and flight planners can view global dashboards with real-time information on plane schedules and performance. ArcGIS empowers the FedEx team to maintain airplane health and availability, ultimately ensuring the on-time deliveries customers expect.

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Geography-driven capabilities offer unique advantages

ArcGIS provides capabilities for elevating business practices with geographic context. Capabilities, data, and tools work together within ArcGIS to form insight-generating, problem-solving systems.

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    Understand data in a new way by mapping and visualizing it in 2D, 3D, and real time. Leverage location services and advanced cartographic tools.

  • ArcGIS | Geospatial Platform - GIS Software for Business & Government (9)

    Spatial analytics

    Perform spatial modeling and analysis with data from any source, enriched by geography. AI-infused workflows power advanced analytics.

  • ArcGIS | Geospatial Platform - GIS Software for Business & Government (10)

    Field operations

    Empower teams to work in disconnected environments. Streamline field data collection and workforce planning, routing, and management.

  • ArcGIS | Geospatial Platform - GIS Software for Business & Government (11)

    Data editing and management

    Implement a reliable system of record for data editing, offline data management, and data sharing across an organization.

  • ArcGIS | Geospatial Platform - GIS Software for Business & Government (12)

    Imagery and remote sensing

    Leverage an end-to-end system for imagery collection, management, and processing, enhanced by AI workflows.



Learn how ArcGIS works

Esri provides customer benefits beyond technology

Access to ArcGIS includes much more than GIS software solutions and services. It connects organizations to Esri’s world-class support, training, and community.

  • Technical support

    Esri’s world-class support team is available to help organizations ensure success, with additional options for premium 24/7 support.

  • Training

    Comprehensive online and classroom training offerings and certification programs fit any schedule, role, and experience level.

  • Community

    An active network of geospatial professionals share tips, chat, and collaborate via local user groups and global online forums.

  • Conferences and events

    Esri hosts many events, including the world’s largest GIS conference, where professionals come to connect, learn, and get inspired.



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ArcGIS | Geospatial Platform - GIS Software for Business & Government (2024)
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