64 Boy Names that Start With B | Peanut (2024)

No matter which name you choose for your baby boy, he’s sure to be beautiful, brave, and brilliant. And on that note, we’re sharing our favorite boy names that start with B, to make your name-choosing journey as easy as ABC.
Let’s get started. The best B names for boys coming right up…

What are good names that start with B?

Believe it or not, B is actually one of the least used letters of the alphabet.

That means there aren’t so many classic male names that start with B out there. But the good news? If you’re looking for a unique name, there are few better places to begin than B.

The most common B names for boys

According to the Social Security Administration, these are the 10 most popular male names that start with B in the U.S. (as of 2020):

  1. Benjamin. A well-loved classic, it comes from the word meaning ‘son of the right hand’ in Hebrew.
  2. Brooks. From the English word for a stream, the surname Brooks means ‘residing near to a stream’. It’s now a popular first name too.
  3. Bennett. A modern form of the medieval Benedict, meaning ‘blessed’, Bennett is another surname-turned-first-name that’s loveable and steeped in history.
  4. Brandon. It actually means ‘a hill with gorse on it’, but it’s a popular and lovely B-name for your beautiful baby boy.
  5. Blake. Meaning ‘dark’ or ‘swarthy’, it probably comes from the Old English word for ‘black’.
  6. Bryce. We saw Bryson earlier on in the list, but Bryce is a popular alternative. Some say it means ‘swift’, while others argue it comes from a Scottish word for ‘freckled’.
  7. Brian. An alternative spelling of Bryan.
  8. Bradley. Another boy’s name that used to be a family name, Bradley means ‘broad meadow’.
  9. Brady. A common Irish surname meaning ‘spirited’, it’s a great boy’s name that starts with B.
  10. Bruce. A popular Scottish name for centuries, it means ‘brushwood’. It can also mean someone from the town in France called Brix.

More baby boy names that start with B

Looking for unique boy names that start with B? Some of these might catch your eye:

  1. Baker. Fun fact: Historically, someone known as a baker didn’t have to be someone who baked bread—but was probably someone who heated things up. In Scotland, Baxter is a common alternative.
  2. Baylor. Apparently meaning ‘one who delivers goods’, it’s an old English name.
  3. Beckett. A boy’s name meaning ‘beehive’.
  4. Braylon. A modern American name related to Braylen, Brady, and Braxton.
  5. Bo. A name of Swedish or Danish origin meaning ‘to live’. We love it!
  6. Beau. Add it to your list of one-syllable boy names, Beau means ‘handsome’ in French.
  7. Benson. Ben-son. Yep, it means ‘son of Ben’ in old English.
  8. Boone. From the French bon meaning ‘good’, it was once a popular nickname.
  9. Boston. Originally the name of a town in Lincolnshire, England, the capital of Massachusetts is a bit better known these days.
  10. Brycen. An alternative to Bryce and Bryson.
  11. Bodie. Of German origin, Bodie could mean ‘shelter’ or ‘messenger’.
  12. Brantley. From the old Norse word meaning ‘fire’.
  13. Brayden. Once upon a time, it meant ‘someone who lives near a broad valley’. A beautiful B name.
  14. Braylen. Another name meaning ‘broad valley’.
  15. Brixton. A similar name to Braxton that’s a little less well-known.
  16. Bryant. An alternative to Bryan or Brian.
  17. Brock. The traditional English name for ‘badger’.
  18. Brody. From the Scottish word for ‘ditch’.
  19. Bruno. A European name meaning ‘brown’, it’s common in German, Italian, and English too.
  20. Brendan. An Irish name meaning ‘prince’.
  21. Barrett. A name that’s common in Ireland and England, it’s thought to mean ‘strife’ and was often a nickname given to deceitful people. But, old meaning aside, it’s a sweet-sounding name.
  22. Bellamy. From the Old French meaning ‘fine or handsome friend’. We think that’s a beautiful name for a little baby boy.
  23. Bentley. Fast cars or ‘a meadow with coarse grass’ – take your pick.
  24. Banks. ‘Someone who lived by the side of a river or hill’.
  25. Braxton. Related to the Old English word for ‘badger’.
  26. Briar. A briar patch is a bush of thorns. It’s a lovely name!
  27. Briggs. An old English surname meaning ‘bridge’.
  28. Brennan. An Irish given name, it may mean ‘raven’, ‘sorrow’, ‘drop’, or ‘brave’.
  29. Bryson. ‘Son of a nobleman’, or ‘son of Brice’.
  30. Beckham. The name of a certain soccer player, it means ‘the home of Beck’.
  31. Ben. Short for Benedict or Benjamin, it’s a great, simple B name for boys.
  32. Benicio. The Spanish equivalent of Ben, Benicio also means ‘blessed’.
  33. Bjorn. From the Norse word for ‘bear’, it’s a common name across Scandinavia.
  34. Byron. The Romantic poet Lord Byron was said to be ‘mad, bad, and dangerous to know’.
  35. Brecken. An anglicized version of the Irish breacain, meaning ‘speckled’.
  36. Braden. Meaning ‘salmon’ or ‘fisher’ in Irish.
  37. Bryan. A classic Celtic name meaning ‘high’ or ‘noble’. It fell out of fashion, but it’s slowly coming back around.
  38. Bode. Like Bodie, this name probably means ‘messenger’.
  39. Boden. An alternative to Bode.
  40. Bobby. A classic, enduringly popular British name, probably meaning ‘famed’ or ‘shining bright’. It can also be a nickname for Robert.
  41. Bodhi. Meaning ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’ in Sanskrit, Bodhi refers to a state of wisdom in Buddhism.
  42. Bowen. Meaning ‘son of Owen’, it’s a common Welsh surname and also now a popular B name for baby boys.
  43. Bronson. ‘Son of the dark man’.
  44. Blaze. A modern spelling of the French name Blaise, also referring to fire.
  45. Brayan. Another variation on Bryan, Brian, or Bryant.
  46. Brodie. A place in the north of Scotland, it probably means ‘a little ditch’.
  47. Branson. ‘Son of the raven’.
  48. Bentlee. An alternative modern spelling of Bentley.
  49. Blaine. A name of Irish origin meaning ‘slender’ or ‘angular’.
  50. Bear. Think grizzly, polar, or Paddington.
  51. Brett. A name referring to the people of Brittany.
  52. Bridger. Simply, ‘someone who lives near a bridge’.
  53. Blaise. The name of an ancient Christian saint, the name actually means ‘stammer’ or ‘stutter’.
  54. Bishop. To round off the list, Bishop comes from the title given to leaders in some Christian churches—but it’s a great baby boy name too.

If boy names that start with B don’t cut it, why not try one of our other baby name guides below?

Happy name hunting!

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64 Boy Names that Start With B | Peanut (2024)


What name starts with B for a boy? ›

Top 100 Baby Boy Names That Start With B
45 more rows
Mar 6, 2023

What are rare B boy names? ›

33 Uncommon Baby Boy Names That Start With 'B'
  • Barlow.
  • Barrett.
  • Barron.
  • Barry.
  • Baxter.
  • Beck.
  • Beckham.
  • Benson.
Feb 18, 2021

What is another name for B boys? ›

A practitioner of this dance is called a b-boy, b-girl, breakdancer, or breaker. The terms "b-boy" ("break-boy"), "b-girl" ("break-girl"), and "breaker" were the original terms used to describe the dancers who performed to DJ Kool Herc's breakbeats.

What are top 100 unique boy names? ›

100 Indian names for boys with meaning:
1AvyayNew Beginning
2AnayOne who can lead by himself
3AhaanNew day
96 more rows
Apr 12, 2024

What is a unique boy name? ›

Milo - This adorable name perfectly suits a tiny little baby. Even better, it has a meaning many little boys will be proud of: soldier. Dex - This Latin name has a meaning of right-handed; fortunate and can be a short form of Dexter. Jax - This English name is a shorter version of Jaxon and means God is gracious.

What Bible name starts with B? ›

Biblical boy names starting with "b"
  • Benjamin.
  • Barak.
  • Bartholomew.
  • Barnabas.

What is the top 10 rarest name? ›

  • Romilly. Five girls. ...
  • Bee. Eight girls. ...
  • Lilac. 25 girls. ...
  • Ottilie. 25 girls. ...
  • Zebedee. Nine boys. ...
  • Lorcan. 13 boys. ...
  • Rafferty. 18 boys. ...
  • Ajax. 23 boys. He was one of the classical Greek heroes who battled on the fields of Troy - but Pamela says Ajax is a name that isn't being utilised enough by parents.
Nov 8, 2022

What prince name starts with B? ›

King and Prince Names Starting With B
  • Babar.
  • Babsen.
  • Babson.
  • Babsson.
  • Bacchus.
  • Bach.
  • Badan.
  • Badar.

What is the best name for B? ›

Hindu names for Boys Starting with "B"
BabanOne who conquers278
BabeeshDiplomatic and kind person239
BabhraviThe colour of earth, one who is loyal to his promises156
BabhulkarCourageous one177
48 more rows

Who is the best B-Boy? ›

When talking about the top B-boys in the world, B-Boy Menno is a name that can't be left out of the conversation. Menno Van Gorp, also known as B-Boy Menno, is considered to be one of the top B-boys in the world. Hailing from the Netherlands, Menno has taken the top spot at the most renowned breaking events worldwide.

What does the B in boy stand for? ›

The first, and most widely known, is that the B stands. for Break so B-Boys and B-Girls are break-boys and. break-girls. This is because breakers would dance to. the part of the track that was the break(down).

What is B-Boy style? ›

B-Boying is also known as Breaking or Breakdancing and the dancers are called B-Boys or B-Girls. It's one of many dances that crossover with Street Dance and Hip Hop, but the key difference is dancing on the breakbeats or 'Bs'.

What is the rarest unisex name? ›

Most Rare Gender-Neutral Names
  • Florian.
  • Gardener.
  • Guthrie.
  • Hero.
  • Indiana.
  • Jagger.
  • Jericho.
  • Kit.
Mar 15, 2019

What is the most unpopular boy name? ›

The least popular boys' names of 2023
  • Stewart.
  • Stuart.
  • Trevor.
  • Turner.
  • Tyde.
  • Uri.
  • Yuri.
  • Zekiel.

What are some B nicknames? ›

Babe, baby, buddy, bro, bug (or love bug), bunny — or maybe bubbe, if you grew up with a sweet Jewish granny. There's something about that bbbb sound that's just really easy, pleasant, and fun to say.

What is the best name starting with B? ›

Baby Names That Start with Letters B
  • Bhavish. Future, Lord of Existence, Supreme being who is source of Life.
  • Bhavika. Cheerful expression, Well-behaved, Worthy, Cheerful expression.
  • Bhavya. Grand, Splendid, Virtuous, Composed, Another name for Goddess Paarvati, Beautiful, Brilliant.
  • Bhargavi. ...
  • Bhavik. ...
  • Bhuvik. ...
  • Bhavyansh. ...
  • Bittu.

What is Bo short for boy? ›

It CAN be a shortened version of “Bob” or “Bobby.” And down South, it's sometimes an alternate spelling of “Beau,” which is French for “handsome.” So, if your Cajun French mama always called her baby, “mon beau,” your friends and family might pick up on that and start calling you “Bo.”

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