11 Amazing Looks From 'The Parent Trap' That Made Us Lifelong Fans — PHOTOS (2024)

There are many things to love about the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, from the comedic capers to Lindsay Lohan making her debut into the movie industry. However, what may have sealed the deal for you was likely the amazing fashion from The Parent Trap. Personally, the iconic looks made me an overnight fan, if not an instant one. Let’s face it: The clothes in this film were totally on-point.

One could say the clothes were part of the storyline, since Hallie and Annie’s mom worked in fashion as a wedding dress designer. But IMO, the twin theme was the best part. The main characters, including the girls, often color-coordinated their outfits and occasionally matched with other protagonists. I’m not sure if this was a subconscious decision or a deliberate one, but because of all of the coordinating going on, everything seemed to flow seamlessly and appear wholesome and oddly comforting.

I'd wager that The Parent Trap was one of the best movies of the 1990s. It made us laugh, it made us cry, and when we were kids, we had no idea that Lohan played both Hallie and Annie. When you found out the truth, you probably loved the movie even more.

So here are a bunch of awesome looks from the movie that are bound to make you fall in love with it all over again.

1. The Super Cute Matching Mom & Daughter Outfits

Sure, the movie is supposed to be about identical twins; but the way in which Hallie (pretending to be Annie) gets all matchy-matchy with her mom is totes adorable.

2. The Dad & Daughter Tee & Jacket Game

Annie (pretending to be Hallie) and her dad nailed a casual '90s vibe in their plain T-shirts and open jackets. This movie had parent and child sartorial matching down to a T.

3. The Matching Camp Outfits

If you went to summer camp during your childhood and had to rock a uniform of sorts, you were bound to look a little like everyone else. But Hallie and Annie took #summercampsquadgoals to a whole new level.

4. This On-Point Accessory Combo

I can only presume that this divine matching headband, made out of the same material as the rest of the ensemble, was made by the twins' mom or picked up from a high-end boutique in London.

5. The Future Step Mom's Killer Athleisure Attire

In her trendy monochrome ensemble, Meredith looked like she was more suited for a Pilates class than a camping trip. In the right environment, however, Meredith's outfit would have been super fabulous.

6. The Lemon Yellow Double Act

Like many members of '90s girl bands, Hallie and Annie proved that you can coordinate without wearing exactly the same outfit.

7. This Pink Jacket

Although I might not have liked this twee jacket with a Peter Pan collar when I was a kid, I'd love to find one in my size now. Anyone with me?

8. The Peachy Pair

Oversized shirts and matching headbands with a pastel color scheme that tied everything together? This was probably the scene that made you realize you wanted nothing more in life but to have a twin. As this was biologically impossible, however, you learned all about what it feels like to have your dreams crushed.

9. Meredith's Poolside Garb

Meredith Blake was seen as the evil stepmom-to-be of The Parent Trap and she was painted as the villain of the story. However, she sure knew how to dress, as you can see from this chic white dress she paired with a sun hat, gold jewelry, red nails, and red lips: All for casually sipping drinks by the pool. As much as you hated her, you kind of wished your fashion game would turn out this strong when you, too, were a grownup.

10. The Posh Frocks

The twins had their own unique style and they didn't have to match all the time. These fancy dresses are a case in point.

11. The Mismatched PJs

LiLo wearing cloud print pajama bottoms with a hockey tee while on the landline of the bathroom was basically all of us in the '90s.

These are just a selection of the looks we all likely loved from The Parent Trap . But collectively, fashion was just one of the many, many reasons we adored this awesome 1990s flick.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures (12)

11 Amazing Looks From 'The Parent Trap' That Made Us Lifelong Fans — PHOTOS (2024)
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