10 Gender Reveal Themes to Inspire Your Special Celebration (2024)

"It's a …" You may have waited a trimester or more to say those words.Gender reveal parties allow parents to gather with their loved ones and unveil the sex of their baby.

There are so many ways to decorate for your event, and it all starts with your gender reveal theme. Think about the time of year, your favorite things and other adorable nods to your bundle of joy. From there, you can envision the ultimate gender reveal party, complete with the photo-ready decor and delicious food.

With all of this in mind, let's dig into some unique gender reveal themes. Inspired by real events hosted by parents just like you, these are the most colorful, cute and special decor decisions for agender reveal party.

Star gender reveal

Turn one of the most beloved lullabies of all time into your gender reveal theme. Pile on the pastels and star decor for a "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" setup. A sign featuring the lyric "How we wonder what you are?" will make the dreamy theme clear. Get bonus points for serving star-shaped cookies, wispy clouds of cotton candy and a moon-shaped gender reveal cake.

Boho gender reveal

A combination of chic and darling, the boho aesthetic is another elegant gender reveal theme. You can copy this style by combining a neutral color palette with a key botanical element that nearly all boho events come with: pampas grass. This outdoor, low-to-the-ground table arrangement is perfect for an intimate summer fête.

Bee gender reveal

You truly can't go wrong with a solid pun: What will baby bee? This bee-themed party skips blue and pink in favor of a yellow, brown, white and black color palette. You can adorn your space with bumblebee cut-outs, honeycomb shapes and much more to convey this gender reveal theme.

Picnic gender reveal

For a casual, gorgeous gender reveal, invite your friends and family for a garden party-style celebration. A delicate pastel color palette, baby's breath flowers and a vintage-inspired tablescape will bring the romance and whimsy.

Harry Potter gender reveal

It goes without saying that your baby is not a Muggle — but is your little one a witch or wizard? Every Harry Potter fan will appreciate this magical theme. Decoration ideas can include chocolate truffles transformed into snitches, striped scarves and the Wizarding World's very own Hedwig the owl.

Clementine gender reveal

Perhaps you're currently craving clementines … or maybe you just love the color. Either way, taglining your celebration with "A Little Cutie Is On the Way" is pretty darn cute. Feature citrusy signature drinks (like "Momosas" and lemonade), lots of fresh fruit and orange balloons.

Tropical gender reveal

Whether you live on an island or simply dream ofbabymooning on one, you can transform any spot into a tropical paradise. This brightly colored palette with birds of paradise, blue palm leaves and anthuriums comes courtesy of Oahu-based floral company Cocolani Gardens and Gentry Events. To top it all off, the company Designed With Aloha made the show-stopping marquee.

Beach gender reveal theme

While blue and pink certainly pair well together, there's just something about a neutral color palette. This one uses taupes and creams to create a beachy vibe. And if you're stumped on what to write on the invitations, borrow this line: "He or she, we can’t wait to sea."

Pumpkin gender reveal

Bring on the hay, gourds and plaids for a fall- or Halloween-themed gender reveal. You can dress it up with a wooden sign announcing, "Our little pumpkin is on the way." Round out the party agenda with autumnal activities like carving pumpking, bobbing for apples or hosting a costume contest.

Let's be real: Your baby's due date is basically your Super Bowl. Prep for the first quarter with a gender reveal theme sports fans will love. You can time your party to your team's next game, or simply set everything up as a fun off-season tailgate. Menu items could include veggie cups, chips, burgers and some baby-themed cookies like the ones shown here.


Some fun themes for a gender reveal include:

  • Bees: What will baby bee?
  • Beach: He or she, we can’t wait to sea
  • Pumpkins: Our little pumpkin is on the way
  • Stars: Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how we wonder what you are?

Yes, you can decorate for a gender reveal with classic blue and pink balloons, streamers and more — or you can choose a unique theme and plan the decor around that.

You don't have to use baby blue and pastel pink for a gender reveal. Seasonal colors — like orange and red for a fall party — or neutral hues such as beige and cream can also set the scene for your celebration.

Typically, the expecting parent(s) will plan a gender reveal party, but you can always ask for hosting help from friends and family.

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10 Gender Reveal Themes to Inspire Your Special Celebration (2024)


What is a unique gender reveal? ›

Light up the night sky. For a creative gender reveal idea, use sparklers to draw “boy” or “girl” in the night sky (practice all safety precautions). This is especially fun (and safer than a smoke bomb with colored powder) if you're revealing your baby's sex around the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or New Year's Eve.

What do you write in a gender reveal post? ›

These concise captions pack a punch and deliver your excitement in just a few words.
  1. It's a boy/girl! 💙💗
  2. He or she? Find out with us! ...
  3. Team Pink/Blue all the way! 💙💗
  4. Our little miracle is on the way!
  5. Vote: Boy or Girl? 💙💗
  6. Surprise! ...
  7. Pink or blue, we'll soon know who! ...
  8. Guess who's joining our family!

Do gender reveals have themes? ›

From the theme to the decor to the games and activities, the possibilities are endless. Here at Mustela, we've put together a list of some of our favorite gender reveal theme ideas and activity ideas so you can throw a celebration your guests will never forget!

What is the theme color for gender reveal? ›

Yes, you can decorate for a gender reveal with classic blue and pink balloons, streamers and more — or you can choose a unique theme and plan the decor around that.

What is the best gender reveal? ›

Make a Gender-Reveal Handprint Heart

Have your partner dip their hands in paint while you're blind-folded, and place them on your belly to create a heart revealing Baby's gender. Or, you can both just do this together and create a photo shoot gender reveal announcement for social media—and as a keepsake you can frame!

How to make gender reveal special for parents? ›

Today, gender reveals can take a million different forms, from small get togethers to huge, extravagant parties. Some parents keep it simple by cutting into a cake filled with pink or blue batter. Others orchestrate elaborate showcases with colored smoke, confetti cannons, or even skywriting planes.

How long should a gender reveal last? ›

How long do gender reveal parties usually last? They're typically brief, ranging from 1-2 hours.

What is the gender reveal trend? ›

A gender reveal party is a party held during pregnancy to reveal the baby's sex to the expectant parents' family and friends, and sometimes to the parents themselves.

What is the best time of day for gender reveal? ›

Brunch is a great time to hold the party. You can make it a complete event with breakfast and lunch foods as well as mimosas — plain orange juice for the mom-to-be, of course! Since brunch typically occurs between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, it's ideal for many people who may have nighttime plans.

What food is good for gender reveal party? ›

The following is an array of 20 lip-smacking gender reveal party foods:
  • Vanilla cake Pops. Make or purchase cake pops using vanilla cake. ...
  • Cupcakes. ...
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries. ...
  • Pickles. ...
  • Cheese, deli meats, and crackers. ...
  • Pizza slices. ...
  • Shrimp bites. ...
  • Scones with blueberry and strawberry toppings.

What is a good quote for a baby girl? ›

No matter what the moment, a baby girl will always render sunshine in your life with her adorable smile. Your new daughter makes an adorable addition to an already wonderful family. May her beautiful smile make your world seem a little brighter every day. Congratulations on bringing such a precious life into the world.

Who throws you a gender reveal party? ›

Who typically hosts the party? Typically, the expecting couple hosts the gender reveal party. We know — that's one more thing on your plate as you prepare for the new baby. But the good news is that, compared to the baby shower, it's typically a less formal affair.

How do you start a gender reveal party? ›

  1. Decide on the ideal moment. First, decide when you will announce the sex of your baby. ...
  2. Choose your venue. ...
  3. Prepare the invitations. ...
  4. Decide on the theme. ...
  5. Find an original way to reveal the baby's sex. ...
  6. Prepare food and drink. ...
  7. Think about activities for guests. ...
  8. Don't forget to take pictures.
Apr 19, 2023

How many months should you be to have a gender reveal party? ›

Timing is everything! The perfect moment for a gender reveal party is during the second trimester, 18-20 weeks after the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. This is when you can start exploring various baby gender reveal party ideas to make the event memorable.

What is expected at a gender reveal party? ›

A gender reveal party will usually include food, drinks, games and of course the reveal itself! Some ideas include opening a box to reveal pink or blue helium-filled balloons or biting into cupcakes filled with pink or blue icing.

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